The Udacity Self-Driving Car Nanodegree Program

In mid-September Udacity announced a self-driving car “Nanodegree” program and I was immediately in. Since deciding to pivot my career toward software development, I’ve said many times (to myself, probably) that if I could have any job I wanted it would be something related to self-driving cars (I’ll get into my reasons for that later). It was less than a month since I’d looked, somewhat seriously, into Autopilot Engineer jobs at Tesla when suddenly Udacity’s announcement floated down from the heavens and into my inbox.

It always seemed like a bit of a pipe dream. Hell, even getting a run-of-the-mill developer job outside of the federal government was starting to seem like a pipe dream, and maybe if I were a better engineer I would have already dug into it. But here it was: exactly the steps I need to take to become (which I presume means “find a job as”) a self-driving car engineer. Yes!

Henceforth, this blog will explore my journey into becoming (fingers crossed!) a self-driving car engineer.